Your Grass Is Greener

download (2)So there I was that morning waiting with colleagues at the Stop for the arrival of the staff bus. Also at the Stop were a roadside clothes seller going about his daily routine, a sweeper trying to keep the environment tidy and an old man on his knees begging for alms.

Along came this little girl and her blind mum who obviously were there to solicit help from generous passers-by. A few minutes after helping her mum settle down, she quietly conversed with her mum and then rose up with #10 in her hands before heading towards the old man who she gave this bill to. And just as quietly, she went back to her mom’s side.

This act did not go unnoticed by my colleagues and I, and I left there that morning with a learnt lesson. Little did I know, I was to learn this more than once, as every time that little girl and her mum showed up at the Stop, she did this. And as always, I left there in awe.

In awe of the fact that, despite their seemingly needy situation, this girl and her mum still had generosity ingrained in their consciousness. In awe of the fact that, they didn’t let their situation get in the way of their compassion for others. In awe of the fact that, even though they needed a lot to keep body and soul together, they still recognized the fact that they had some to give to one who had none. In awe of the fact that although they didn’t have much, they still had one another unlike someone else who had none.

And there I was, thinking about the ‘little’ on me which I couldn’t spare from as it was “barely enough to last me through the week”. God bless that little family who though they didn’t have enough to get them through the day, not only shared that which that had with someone else but also gave me a wake up call, whilst perfecting preaching the message of love.

Although, I am yet to give either party some money, I not only wish them well, I now ensure to perform my ‘little act of kindness’ to anyone I find myself to be in the situation to help out as it has finally dawned on me that even if things are not going on perfectly with or around me, as compared to some, I still have greener grass..

Love, Give, Live


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